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Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga are in the business of offering Dance and Yoga group classes, private tuition and run workshops and other special dance events. We do not sell any physical goods via this website, have no e-commerce interface, so we hold no customer data such as credit card or banking details. Currently we do not have log-in account facilities on our website for our Dance and Yoga students; our website is for information and education purposes only.

In the usual course of events, interested persons contact us via our contact form on our website, or email us directly or call our telephone number. Over time we then progress to record the following data as applicable to the area of interest of that prospective customer:

Full name of interested person.
Their email addresses.
Contact telephone number (optional).
Where physical exercise is involved (such as Zumba classes) a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is offered for completion in printed format, and retained.
Where an invoice for payment is required, an electronic copy of this is generated and saved, a printed copy given to the interested person(s).
Attendance records are printed and kept for each class, where participants are checked in upon attendance for our classes.
The purpose and legal basis for the processing this information includes but is not limited to keeping our class attendees informed of any changes to weekly, monthly or quarterly events they are currently attending, or are interested, or potentially interested in attending. This could involve new events, cancellations, changes in time or venue, price changes and so on.

We do not share any of the above-mentioned personal information with any third party.

Email address details are kept as contacts in our email account, which is with Google Business and benefits from Google’s data encryption. We take all reasonable security precautions such as but not limited to, an up-to-date Anti-Virus, VPN and Two-Factor Authentication and / or Multi-Factor Authentication where applicable.

If you have provided us with any of the personal data you have the right to do the following:

You have the right to be informed at any time as to what data we hold for you individually, to request us to modify your data or delete your data.

This Privacy Notice does not summarise the EU General Data Protection Regulation as that information is generally available online.

Should you wish to request any of the above, or any other information please contact either of the partners, Silvia or Max.

Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga

(this page last updated on 11/03/2023)

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