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Posted by Silvia:

International Day of Dance today, Wed 29Apr20!

This post was first published on sol-yoga.co.uk


Yes, today is International Dance Day! A Day so worth celebrating!
Dancing makes us feel good, dancing makes us feel light, dancing makes us empty our minds! 
I just listened to a great Satsang by Sadghuru. Satsang is Sanskrit and means “in the company of Truth” Sat = Truth, Sangha = group of truthseekers. In this Satsang he mentioned that many many years ago Dance used to be an expression of the Divine and was solely reserved for holy people in the temples. Ordinary people could only listen in in awe. Dance has always been an expression of the Divine. When we dance we lose ourselves in the movement, we move more gracefully. We dance from our heart and our thoughts disperse! Whoops gone!
Last Thursday a clip of nurses dancing on the ward went viral! A Big “Yes” to that one! Dancing is a wonderful stress relief! And our Heroes on the Front Line need it more than anyone at the moment! 
And so do all of us! We need to let off steam, dance our hearts out and allow ourselves those feelgood moments of joy, when we are dancing!
Dancing boost our Serotonin – our Happy Hormone and so boosts our Immune System! Dancing keeps us healthy and strong mentally, physically and lifts our spirits!
We love our interactive live streamed Dance Classes with you all! They are every bit as good as “the real thing”!
Can’t wait to see you all on the “Virtual Dance Floor” again!
Silvia & Max ☀???

(first published on sol-yoga.co.uk 29 Apr 20)