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Posted by Silvia:

The Yamas & Niyamas
– Universal & Timeless Principles for Life!

The foundation steps of the 8 Steps of Yoga - Ashtanga!


The first 2 steps: The Yamas & Niyamas – Universal & Timeless Principles for Life!

THE YAMAS – The Five Yogic Secrets to a Fulfilled Life:

AHIMSA – Non Violence – Be natural and live in line with Nature!
Siddhi (Superpower)- Any conflict that comes into your proximity will love its power!

SATYA  Truth – Live your Truth!
Siddhi – One who is living & talking truthfully will therefore truthfully manifest!

ASTEYA– Non Stealing – Be yourself! Be authentic!
Siddhi – You are going to discover you have everything you need – in fact
more than you need!

BRAHMACHARYA– Celebacy – Use your Energy wisely and put it in everything you do!
Siddhi – OJAS – Energy of Sexual Life, which has been absorbed
in System – it manifests as Radiance, Lustre, Vitality &
Supreme Confidence!

APARIGRAHA– Non Possessiveness – not hanging on to things and people!
Siddhi – You find the true meaning of your Existence – why you are here
and what you are here to do!

THE NIYAMAS – The 5 Yogic Principles to a Harmonious Inner Life:

SAUCHA – Purification – The wish to live cleaner & cleaner!
Siddhi – Clarity to be able to see will become enhanced – it reveals Samadhi!

SANTOSHA– Contentment – To be perfectly content & yet aspire to be all you can be!
Siddhi – You find supreme Happiness & End to seeking! 

TAPASYA– Austerity, Challenge – Burn always comes when I am facing myself on a new Level!
Siddhi – 1 Impurities will be burned off!
                   2 Great Energy, Strength & Power will come to you!
It is out of the Fire that you will acquire your realisation of your Own

SVADYAYA– Self-observation, Self-study – What you can see about yourself – you can change!
Siddhi – You become that which you worship!

ISHVARA PRANIDHANA– Surrendering to Bigger Energy/Source – Surrendering into Life & letting go
of yourself!
Siddhi – Samadhi!

Om Jyoti (Light)


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