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Posted by Silvia:

 All Hallow’s Eve Sat 31 Oct20 – Om Asatoma Satgamaya – from Darkness to Light!

This coming Saturday 31 Oct 20 is not only Halloween or All Hallow's Eve, but this moment in time also coincides with a Full Moon - so super powerful!

All Hallow’s Eve, the Eve of All Hallow’s Day or All Saint’s Day. It is said that on this eve the veil between the 2 worlds is thinnest. It is like a portal – a moment in time when we have access to otherworldly wisdom with the support from all our Loved Ones and Ancestors who have passed.

There is a special meaning to this at this very moment in time when the pandemic has put us in a place where the “old normal” is gone, is dead and we find ourselves in the “new normal” – a place that feels very much like an in-between space “in limbo”…

We are called up to let go of the past…letting go…feel into this…let go…it no longer serves us…and being open to whatever there is in this very moment…

None of us know what lies ahead…all we have is this very moment…being open to whatever life brings us…

Each and every one of us is exactly where we need to be. With our heart wide open we are able to let the new in…ready to lead the beautiful life we are meant to live!

Beautiful does not mean that it is all joy and happiness. A life that is beautiful is a full life – being able to live life to the full and be with everything there is! Reaching our full potential….being all we can be…blossoming in our full glory…fulfilling our life purpose …each and every one of us…in our very unique way only we are able to fulfill it…just the way we are meant to…

Our beautiful Mantra we chant in our Sol Yoga Classes at this very moment reflects this heart wish:

Om asatoma satgamaya Take us from the false to the truth

tamasoma jyotirgamaya from darkness to light

mrityorma amritamgamaya from death to eternal life – the bliss of life that is

Life itself!

Om Jyoti (Light)

Silvia 🙂

(post first published Thu 29 Oct 2020 on sol-yoga.co.uk)


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