Posted by Silvia:

Fabulous bit of Forest Bathing!

Ever tried Forest Bathing? - what a simple walk in the woods can do for us!

Carpe Diem I thought! It’s such a beautiful Autumn day today! The sun is shining and the Autumn colours are radiating at the moment. So I set off up the hill passing through a very special small piece of wood. I love the woods – my name Silvia (Silva – Italian and Latin origin, means wood, woodland, forest) predestines me for my favourite place on earth! 
There in the woods in the midst of vast trees, glorious master pieces in their Autumn colours, sunlight blinking through the branches and the gentle sound of leaves falling to the ground like beautiful autumnal snowflakes is where I feel happiest. What a delight walking through the multicoloured leaves, feeling like a little girl listening to the rustling of the dried leaves. The air feels fresh and clean enhanced by the wonderful scent of the woods, the rays of sunshine warming me as they glimpse through the branches. 
All my senses feel alive and I feel utterly invigorated, full of the joys of life. At the same time I feel grounded in perfect union with the earth and I am utterly in the moment feeling deep gratitude for the beauty of nature and being part of it.
Amazing how something so simple like a walk in the woods can have such a profound effect – bringing me back to my essence! I get some of my best inspirations in the woods as well – like wishing to share this experience here with you!
That’s truly Living Yoga – complete and utter union with Nature and our True Essence!
Give it a go!
Wishing you a Joyful Autumn Time and looking forward to seeing you on the virtual Yoga mat!
Silvia 🙂