Posted by Silvia:

Feeling Good!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new Life for me!

Life is rather challenging at the moment for all of us. Nothing is like it used to be and never will be. Change is the only constant in life. Yet most of us find change challenging. Is it possible to be truly happy at the moment? Is it possible to feel good?


Ha, ha I have chosen this picture because I am truly happy the moment this picture was taken – it manages to capture my sheer joy at this very moment!

This picture was taken at the opening of our Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga School in Baden. I have just had a very big life change: I have moved back to my home country Austria after many, many years – 35 years to be exact – in the UK. After many happy years in my chosen country my roots were calling me and I am delighted to be back! 

I was looking forward to sharing my joy for dancing and Yoga with some new local Dance & Yoga Friends and this moment captures that joy I feel doing what I love doing and sharing it with others!

 I happen to feel that it is now more important than ever that we allow ourselves to feel good and to feel joyful! Every moment is a new beginning and we are creating our own life – even in the midst of the chaos and challenges around us.

Feeling good and feeling joyful gives us enormous strength from inside out and when we feel good and feel joyful then we radiate it out. What better thing to do at the moment than to create a butterfly effect of sheer joy!

I am inviting you to make yourself feel good with whatever brings you joy! Dancing & Yoga are one of the most wonderful ways of making us feel joyful. We are utterly absorbed in the moment and nourish and strengthen ourselves from inside this way. Just feel it for yourself! Give it a go! Feel the difference!

 No matter what challenges life presents us with – we are of best use for those around us if we are joyful and strong on the inside!

Sending you lots and lots of Joy!

Silvia 🙂




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