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Posted by Silvia:

Menopause – look on the bright side!

Menopause is a big topic at the moment! More and more women are finding the courage to speak openly about their experience, yet far too many are still suffering!

Menopause, the time in a woman’s life when the menses pause – that’s the fact.

For a moment forget everything you have ever heard about the menopause and just come with me on this journey! We have far too many preconceived ideas, preprogramming in our mind. Free yourself and let them go, as very likely they don’t serve you one bit!

As always the best place to speak from, is one’s very own experience. So let me share my discovery and experience with you. And you know what, some of you guys might be reading this as well – golly, you are so welcome!

The first I discovered about maybe entering the perimenopause, was when my periods started to be a little all over the place. I ventured to the local surgery to have my hormone levels checked and yes, my instinct was right: I was perimenopausal. And the first thing the doctor said was: “once you are in the menopause, do come back and we’ll put you on HRT! I was shocked!

I read an article recently about a woman doctor being hailed as an absolute heroin for putting women showing signs of perimenopause on HRT instead of antidepressants. It made me feel quite upset – golly, don’t these women realise that this is just an agony postponed? An artificial way of prolonging their supposed youthfulness…

Let’s get real! Nature is absolutely perfect! Everything in nature is a process, hence entering the menopause is a natural process. Golly, I was determined to trust this natural process and flow with it! Yes, I had hot flushes and I still do have some hot flushes at night. These hot flushes are initiated in the brain and they flush out the hormones, burn them off – as they are no longer required!

You see, Girls for those of us with children – we have done our job creating life and now comes the best bit:

In menopause all our wonderful POWER returns to us!

Isn’t that amazing! Yes, we are no longer there to create, nourish and nurture our children – our energy is now returning to ourselves. This is the natural period in our life – as natural as our first menstruation, as natural as our fertile years – where we are being asked to nuture ourselves and be all we can be! We are no longer using our power for the benefit of others – WE ARE OUR POWER!

Time to truly enjoy life and live a life fulfilled! I can honestly say I have never felt better or happier than this very moment! I know exactly who I am and how best to serve in this life with all my qualities and talents!

Our Dance & Yoga Classes are naturally helping a lot! Golly, they are so uplifting and energising! How ever tired I feel beforehand – I feel so much better after dancing and Yoga! And that’s really all I did during my menopause: my daily morning Yoga practice and lots of dancing – and Magnesium! Magnesium is one of those minerals, we don’t easily get from our food, so you may either take a supplement or use Magnesium flakes in your bath.

I feel the more natural we approach this phase in our life, the easier it is for us. Flowing with it has certainly worked for me. I started when I was about 48 and I am 57 now – feeling great! When we resist something, we tense up instead of loosening up – and we make it worse. There is no such thing as “fighting the symptoms of menopause” – fighting is tensing up again. Just flow with them, look after yourself and enjoy life!

Here is to enjoying life to the full and enjoy being a Woman that is fully embodying her Power!

Looking forward to dancing my heart out with you and empowering you to wake up your very own innate “Superpower” with our Sol Yoga! – book your class NOW: Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga

Silvia 🙂