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Posted by Max: 

No time to attend weekly Salsa classes?
How about a Sat workshop then!
– near both Winchester and Basingstoke:  

Salsa dancing for beginners: why attend a workshop?

While there is a lot to be said for regular, weekly Salsa classes to internalise the basics into our muscle memory, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of a free weekly night to attend classes. Infrequent attendance, or hit-and-miss, is still better than nothing. However a Salsa workshop can do wonders in getting you going and supplementing missed weekly classes!

Our 3 hours Cuban Style Salsa workshops run along these lines: the first hour is a Salsa for Beginners’ intro to the rhythm, music, dance steps and basic partner dancing patterns.

We then move on to Salsa Improver level dance patterns in the second hour, reserving the last hour for a touch of Musicality in the dance and social dancing practice.

By the end of the workshop you may expect to begin dancing at an Improver Level and are welcome to join our weekly classes to progress further.

Our next Cuban Style Salsa workshop is on Sat 9 February, full details here. More to follow, if you are reading this after the event.

Silvia and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!


Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga, Winchester


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