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Posted by Silvia:

Yoga for Youngsters – introducing youngsters to their own inner Sanctuary in these anxious times!

I hear it from parents and I hear it from our Dance Friends who are teachers - a lot of our youngsters are very anxious at the moment. And it runs through all the age groups from the very young to teenagers.

The “New Normal” is very unsettling for our young ones and they find it incredibly hard to know how to deal with it.

Yoga provides us with an Inner Sanctuary. Through Yoga we discover that deep inside us slumber “Superpowers” just waiting to be released!

Our Hatha Flow Yoga for Youngsters introduces the children to several different flows each and every one of them waking up a certain kind of “Superpower” inside us: the Mountain Flow give us “Unshakability”, the Sun Salutation turns on our “Inner Sunshine”, the Moon Flow brings us “Calm” and so on…

The youngsters discover that all those “Superpowers” are inside them already and just need to be woken up through moving our body. They realise that they have everything they could possibly need inside them already – and this gives enormous security and comfort!

So I am going to leave it here for today with my favourite quote from the “Trolls” movie:


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