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Posted by Silvia:

Full Moon Fri 23 Nov 18 – we are all Cyclical Beings

This post was first published on sol-yoga.co.uk


It’s a Full Moon today, Fri 23 Nov 18!

The Full Moon harnesses a very Special Power for us – it amplifies the Energy of the Moment. It also signifies a New Beginning – putting into action the steps we prepared at the First Quarter Moon last Thu, 15 Nov 18.

There is a natural cycle of life, moving through beginning, sustaining and letting go. By attuning to the rhythms of natural cycles, we are attempting to tap into the intelligence from which the cycle originates.

The rhythms and cycles of nature teach us how things are connected, and how to align with the natural flow.

So we are drawing our attention us being cyclical beings and every month going through seasonal changes whether we are male or female. Naturally this is particularly pronounced if you are female and menstruating! The day you start menstruating, is the first day of your Cycle!

If you are female and menopausal than the first day of your Cycle starts on the Full Moon, so today! 

Yet I would like to encourage all of us, whether we are male or female to observe our emotional changes throughout the month. Once we discover patterns, we can stay in tune with ourselves and make the most of our “seasonal power” of the month! – You might discover that the low feeling that you have been feeling is actually perfectly normal, as you find yourself in the midst of your winter! Being authentic is the way to discover your true nature and reaching your Full Potential!

Winter – stirs in us the need to be more reclusive, more in our shell.

Spring – we are coming out of our shell, becoming more sociable – just like Spring, starting to blossom and grow.

Summer – we are in full bloom, we feel social, we feel beautiful, we feel sexy (ovulation).

Autumn – we are becoming more reflective, drawing back in – a fabulous time for clearing out stuff!

…and then we are drawing back into Winter – even 1 or 2 hours before your period is due, if you are menstruating, the characteristics of Winter can be massively amplified!

Discovery yourself through the monthly seasons and use your seasonal powers wisely & creatively!

Om Jyoti

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(first published on sol-yoga.co.uk Fri 23 Nov 18)

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