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Posted by Silvia:

Yoga – the perfect Anti-Depressant for Teenage Angst!

The last 18 months have seen a huge number of youngsters being medicated for low moods!

As a mother of three youngsters, who are by now all in their 20s, I have had my fair share of dealing with Teenage Angst, depression, low moods, you name it. I have experienced many sleepless nights, moments of sheer despair and utter helplessness.

There is nothing more painful to watch for a mother than seeing your child suffer. You can clearly see how beautiful they are and how utterly blissful their life is compared to so many other youngsters far less privileged, yet to them it is all very real and they feel they are the only ones feeling this way.

Every single one of my three youngsters has had periods of what they call “depression”, periods of utter despair and the lowest of lowest moods…literally rock bottom. And are they alone feeling this way? Are they different from others? Are they weird?….ABSOLUTELY NOT! As you are more open about it, you realise that most of your friends’ children are suffering too….some earlier, some later…

Naturally yes, the old story of Social Media  does not help one bit! Everything is portraited under “rose tinted” glasses! We only ever post things that show us in our best light, don’t we! Our teenagers are particularly vulnerable to this, as they are just in the process of working out who they are and who they would like to be. So they continuously compare themselves to those unreal images they see, aspiring to be what they perceive to be “the ideal”! They are flooded with images that exude perceived confidence that no teenager truly posesses yet. Comparison is the direct route to suffering!

Those last 18 months have aggravated this intensely low feeling so much more for our youngsters, as they felt even more isolated than usual. And it is this feeling of being the only one feeling this way and basically “having lost your plot” that makes it worse. Believe me, I have been there myself! I have had an intense period of anxiety and fear in my life that lasted 2 years. I too felt I was the only one feeling this way and I basically had “lost my marbles”!

As it is always best to speak from ones own experience, let’s talk about me and what got me out of it!

I started to take a journey inwards. I started to read spiritual literature and I started to medidate. I also met up with a friend who was going through a similar experience and we healed each other through it by talking about it and with a lot of laughter! And step by step I discovered my own inner strength and my “Inner Sunshine”! I have done Yoga since I was 16, yet at the time, as we so many Yogic Practices, the emphasis was very much on the physical – it was Hatha Yoga. I truly discovered the Healing Power of Yoga many, many years later. You see every one is on their very own journey in life!

For those of you who are reading this, I am now able to give you a “short cut” to regaining your balance and discovering your very own “Inner Sunshine”.

Yoga is the most powerful “tool” to tap into our own inner strength and power, our own “Inner Sunshine” and our full potential. You see this is what we are ultimately here for: to be all we can be – to reach our full potential!

When we feel low, when we feel depressed, anxious, afraid, super angry, frustrated….well those are just feelings that we somehow don’t allow ourselves to feel. We judge all those feelings as not worthy feeling…we deem them as negative feelings…

Yet feelings are just that: feelings….

It is time we allowed ourselves those feelings…just feel them….yet don’t become them…just feel them….and they will pass through…

This is nature in all it’s glory: after every period of rain…the sunshine returns! How would nature thrive without rain? You need the sun and the rain for everything to grow and thrive!

It is the same with our feelings. We need all of those feelings to feel complete and to grow and evolve and be all we can be!

Yoga gives us the courage to do just that and the awareness that we are already perfect the way we are!

Yoga wakes up our Inner Superpowers that are unique to us and reveals our full potential!

The sooner we get our youngsters onto the Yoga mat – the better! In fact all of us!

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Looking forward to seeing you!

Silvia 🙂